If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between braces, oral functional appliances and retainers, here’s a handy at-a-glance guide brought to you by Sumas Mountain Village Dental Centre that highlights what braces, functional appliances and retainers have to offer you.

What do they do?

Braces: Shift teeth into the correct position by exerting gentle pressure

Functional Appliances: Shift teeth and align the jaws using the muscle action produced when speaking, chewing and swallowing

Retainers: Stabilize the teeth so that the surrounding soft and hard tissues can conform to the new dental alignment

When are they used?

Braces: Are effective at all ages for correcting bite issues and crooked teeth

Functional Appliances: Typically for patients ages 7-13 with overbites and closed bites

Retainers: Can be used at any age, after orthodontic treatment or simply if teeth have misaligned again and require minor correction

What are the results?

Braces: A fantastic new smile that’s straight and correctly aligned

Functional Appliances: Improved bite, improved chewing ability and less wear on the teeth

Retainers: A post-orthodontic-treatment smile that will last for decades

Your orthodontic specialist can determine which oral appliance or combination of appliances is appropriate for you. Contact Sumas Mountain Village Dental Centre to book your appointment today!