April is Oral Health Month and to celebrate great oral health care, members of the 123Dentist.com Community Dentist Network across the Lower Mainland are encouraging VELscope Oral Cancer Screenings.

The VELscope system is a laser device that was invented by the BC Cancer Agency as a tool to fight Oral Cancer through early detection. Oral Cancer is a potentially deadly disease and early detection and early treatment are key in the fight against Oral Cancer.

The VELscope oral cancer scanner works by using fluorescent light technology to help detect signs of cancer and precancer that are not visible to the naked eye. Quick and painless, an oral cancer screening often takes just 2 to 3 minutes.

Consider this: over 3,400 new cases of oral cancer were found last year in Canada alone.

Take just 5 minutes out of your day to ensure you have a safer Oral Health Month.

For more information about our VELscope Oral Cancer screening, reserve your appointment.